Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

Working with Anxiety - Yoga for Stress and Anxiety.

Our nervous system's adaptive survival responses are so very brilliant in their functioning. They are built to kick into action whenever they either sense an actual or a perceived threat.

With a healthy nervous system, our survival responses come to our aid like they should whenever we are faced with a stress/ challenge and once this is over, they step aside so we can come back into a relaxed and balanced state.

When we are dysregulated however (due to trauma or chronic stress), our nervous system's flight/flight/freeze responses get stuck on constant activation as they are responding to a threat they think is still happening. They take the driver's seat and can end up running the show for days, months even years….until we can discharge this stuck energy and consistently guide our system to regulate and return to safety again.

As we begin to reconnect with our body in a slow, gentle and safe way, as we start to teach our system that it is okay and not necessary to be on high alert 24/7, it will learn to come into its ventral vagal state of safety and regulation. This is where we are calm and more in control of how we feel. Re-training the nervous system and body takes patience and practice. Please be kind and compassionate with yourself.

If you would like more information on my Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Program, please visit I offer private sessions in Cork and internationally. You can work with me face-to-face and online.

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